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Good morning!

Today I felt compelled to write about listening to your heart...

What does that mean? ... "Listening to your heart?"

It means doing what feels right to you regardless of what other's beliefs are (of course it has to be safe for you and others). Doing what excites you. Do what you know you are born to do/be. Or this is a cool one... one day you may wake up and a shift will occur- and that shift will make you so undeniably obsessed with a specific subject, talent, etc. that you know you would be doing a great disservice to yourself if you did not dive deep into your excitement.

Our hearts force us to grow. It is healthy to evolve, be curious and live in a sate of wonderment. When doing this, we seek out the language of our heart and meet so many people, travel to a vast amount of places, experience different cultures, and learn amazing things.

But your heart will always challenge you as well because usually what your heart wants will go against the grain of what you think society wants for you.

It is up to you to support your own growth and live out your true authenticity.

You will no doubt go through growing pains whilst living your truth. The trick is to not walk through life trying to gratify your feelings and thoughts so instantaneously. You see, when we are on the right track we are going to be shown signs of righteousness almost daily and it will feel so good to know you are living your truth. But on the other hand, we may have some obstacles to face as well. Life is about polarity (there is no light without dark, for example). The universe may send us what we need (not want) in order to fully appreciate our life/gift/talent/etc and sometimes that comes in the form of a challenge. When that happens, we tend to give power to our ego and shy away from the excitement of our heart.

Your ego (the side of your brain that tells you to stay in your comfort zone because challenges and change are hard) always holds you back and will think of any way possible to not let you grow. Your ego is your wicked step-sister that says, "you are too weak to endure that challenge", or "you will never be any good at that so don't try", or "you will look so stupid and lose friends if they knew you were interested in that", etc.

The object is to follow through with your plan and not fall into the trap of your ego. If you do allow your ego to hold you down, you will be living in fear. What if pushing through that obstacle brings you to a whole new world of joy, yet you were too afraid to find out?

No matter how old you are, confront your ego and invite your heart to speak. If you follow your inner compass, you will live in a state of joy and know that no obstacle is too great to overcome because it will always be worth it in the end.

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