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Synchronicity: Coincidence? I think not!

Going into the more metaphysical realm of wholeness a bit...

If you are going through a tough time in life, try tuning in a little deeper. Most often than not, you will be met with a message from the universe or your spirit guides.

Let’s touch upon spirit guides...

We all have spirit guides in our lives and they are with us on a daily basis. Our guides were assigned to us right before we entered the world and will often times be with us for life, or change with another guide depending on our needs at the time.

They help us fulfill our mission on earth and are there to oversee our journey and progress. Our spirit guides step up and send us signs when they find we may need some help or direction. The signs they may send are number synchronicities to let us know we are on track, songs that may deliver a message or trigger a memory, gut feelings, intuitive insights, send certain people into your life, arrange certain situations to be held, and/or visit us through our dreams.

Have you ever connected to your guide? Because it can go both ways- you can reach out to them. I have and I’ll tell you.. it’s pretty rad!

You just have to do a little work on yourself to raise your energy for the connection to occur. You can do it through meditation, your dream state, asking a spiritual advisor, being in tune during your daily activities and/or listening to your intuition.


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