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Jive With Your Environment

Keeping your work space and house clean, open, and filled with high energy is so important for your mind, body and spirit.

When it comes to the decor and positive juju people say they feel when they come in to my home, I try pretty hard to keep it inviting, feeling good with positive energy, and little to no clutter around. My husband and I love vibrant colors, a lot of sunlight, pieces we've picked up from traveling that holds great energy, live plants, crystals and a whole lotta love💞 We try to keep it a high vibe environment which means tons of laughter, hugs and Palo santo (we cleanse the energy often) 😜When we were ready to search for a house we wrote down every detail we wanted it to have. Can you believe it has every last detail we asked for?! Pretty incredible- the power of Manifestation is real.

If you are wanting to change up your environment, it is important to write down everything that makes you feel good for each room. What colors bring you joy, what crystals resonate with you, what plants feel good in your presence, what area of your room do you think you will be the most productive in, etc. Write a whole list and watch the manifestation process happen!

You will notice your mood will be sweeter, your outlook on life will be fresher, your productivity will soar and your body will feel lighter!

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