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Fluff Up Your Bed Time Routine

I was reminded about two weeks before I gave birth (at a healing group I am a part of) just how necessary self pampering is- at any stage in life. Some of the women offered really great advice and I wanted to share with you. All of these tips revolve around surrendering to your busy day and calming your mind so you are freshly ready for some well deserved shut eye.

Ps- To be completely honest, I used to read things like this in magazines and think, "yeah that's nice".... but never do them (unless I was 13 and at a sleepover- hello face masks!). It wasn't until I had a little one that I realized even 5 minutes of self care can make you feel so much better mentally, emotionally and physically!

Pampered facial routines- Dim the lights, play some soft music, exfoliate with a homemade mask (coconut oil and brown sugar), hydrate with a toner and lotion, add some eye serums and finish off with your favorite moisturizing chapstick. Do this routine with love and don't rush it. Your skin and you deserve the time well spent.

Warm bath or shower- Warm baths with epsom salt makes your body relax head to toe. Add in a little lavender essential oils, light some candles and you are in seventh heaven. Not a bath person? Take a warm shower with neroli scents (it helps the body relieve all stress) and dab some chamomile oils on your temples when you exit the shower. Toss on your comfiest rob and hit the hay.

Warm decaf tea and a good book- Many times at night I will make myself some decaf green tea and snuggle up in bed with a good book or journal. Putting my phone/computer down at least thirty minutes before I fall asleep has prevented me from being restless and tossing/turning. I don't need everyone's thoughts and stories from social media on my mind. My head hits the pillow and I am out!

Stretching and soft meditation- Many think to stretch when they first get up, but there is nothing like a great nighttime light yoga routine to knock out the kinks from the day. I don't mean to bust out the warriors, but sitting down and stretching to your toes and loosening the hips before sleep feels so incredibly good. Ending with a five minute savasana on your bed will turn into a snore more times than not.

Self massage or partner massage- Lastly, my husband and I massage each other almost every night as one of us is drifting off to sleep. I usually like my hips or shoulders rubbed and he loves his neck. A three to five minute light touch is all you need to make you slip into dreamland. Solo sleeping? A great temple and scalp massage makes a world of a difference even if you are the giver and receiver.

Sleep tight. xo

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