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25 Random Things You May Not Know About Me

I wanted to create weekly brain dumps (Success Secrets) to stay connected to all of you, but also to share any information, wisdom, or tricks I have collected and use in my daily life in hopes you may use them too! I realize I don't share too many personal posts in the Success Secrets section, but when I do, they are the ones people gravitate to the most. So, I thought to bring my personality and character to the forefront this week and highlight things about me you may not know.

1. I am a bit freakish about germs. I think I wash my hands a little too much.

2. I am very close with my family and feel incredibly blessed. I talk to my mom and sister almost daily on the phone (and they only live a half mile away from me!).

3. My first fitness certification was in mat pilates when I was 17. I still love mat pilates and think it is so incredibly good for the body.

4. I am fascinated by metaphysics. Always have been and I will chat for days to you about it if it's your thing too!

5. I am allergic to most animals and it breaks my heart because animals are so lovely.

6. I have no problem eating (almost) any dish cold. Pizza, pasta, chicken, restaurant leftovers. Just hand me a fork and I'm good. No oven required.

7. My husband and I barely ever watch tv. If we do, it is usually documentaries, war or scary movies (or once a week The Real Housewives for me- guilty pleasure!).

8. I love to do crafts. I make the time go by when babysitting my nieces by stopping at AC Moore and filling up our baskets to get our art on at home.

9. Fall is my favorite season. Hoodies, fires, pumpkins, the flavors, crisp air, changing colors.... the best.

10. Christmas is my favorite holiday. I love the spirit of Christmas and how it brings everyone together. Plus the lights, decor, warm scents, the food... it's everything.

11. I really only like to read autobiographies. Or mindset/skill set books.

12. I enjoy hiking and being in nature so much. I try to get my baby boy outside with me everyday. He loves it just as much!

13. I grew up Catholic, then went to a Christian church in my teens and now I do not engage in a specific religion, but Buddhism beliefs resonate most with me.

14. I have an incredibly sensitive body so I have to watch what I eat and how I workout or I won't feel well for a couple days at a time. I guess that is why I am so conscious of my health.

15. I flip flop between loving to bake or loving to cook more. Currently I am in to baking.

16. I enjoy public speaking. Not to hundreds of people (well who knows, I have never had that chance), but a decent size of thirty people and under is great.

17. I don't love small talk. I want to go deep with a convo.

18. The news is never on in our home.

19. Aliens and UFOs fascinate me- I believe we aren't the only ones on the planet. But don't get me wrong... I think I would pee myself and hide under the bed if I ever saw one!

20. Chocolate, candles, plants, crystals, and decor pillows are some of my favorite things ever.

21. In my first trimester of pregnancy, I meditated and connected with my son everyday. It was so beautiful.

22. I dislike flying, but I do it if I have to.

23. I used to be terrible at anything fitness related when I was really young. And then I experienced ragging hormones in my teens and used fitness as a way to release negative emotions. I still do to this day.

24. I am a typical gemini- I can be quiet and introverted or loud and extroverted. Depends on the day and the crowd. With that said, I don't get in to horoscopes much and people are always baffled when I say that.

25. I never listen to the radio in the car. I only listen to personal development podcasts or drive in silence. However, if someone is in the car with me, 102.9 is on!

Your turn! Care to share something I don't know about you with me in the comments? Or can you relate to any of these?

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