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Healing Sickness Naturally

Oh boy. Last week the whole Kraus house was hit pretty darn hard by a virus that loooooved hanging out with us. Fevers, body aches and chills, head fog, cough, runny/stuffy noses.... I mean, the whole shebang. It knocked us for a loop and my gosh does it take all the strength in the world to care for a sick babe while you feel just as ill. And what happened to babies that want to snuggle when they feel sick? Wesley wanted to do all the things he naturally does, but just cry through it... and be picked up... and put down... Oh he was so confused and it was so sad.

Anyway, I remember a couple of years ago I had this similar virus and my doctor recommended not taking too much over the counter medicine, like advil or tylenol, because that just masks the cruddy feelings. Therefore, you feel better momentarily and then push yourself to get things checked off your to-do list. Unfortunately you then push through your illness, give your energy to external circumstances rather then your BODY and you stay sick for longer periods of time!

So, here are natural things I do to give my body as much attention as I possibly can when I am not feeling well:

-Eat real whole foods. It is so easy to reach for toast and ginger ale when you are not feeling well. But sugar feeds illness! Try juicing your own greens, adding in ginger to help hydrate and nourish your body. Cook nutritious foods- think smoothies, eggs, soup, and stews.

-Ask for help! Now, my mom and amazing friend naturally stopped by and dropped off homemade chicken and vegetable soup, plus a whole goodie bags of things that uplifted my spirit which was such a gift- you have no idea. But it made me realize people want to help you out when you are not feeling your best- if you have no energy to make yourself healthy foods or need someone to watch your kids, ask someone to help you out!

-Use essential oils. My sister created a steam inhalation oily blend for us to breathe and break up the congestion. My goodness it was heaven. She also gave us a cold and flu blend to rub on our chests and I did feel a difference using them. There is something to those oils, I have to say! Almost everyone has an oily friend- ask for advice on which is best for health and healing and rub it all over that body of yours ;)

-Meditate. Did you know one hour of meditation is the equivalent to four hours of restful sleep? Yup, that is right! Close your eyes and just breath. You can imagine a healing green light glowing inside your body as green is the color of health and rejuvenation.

-Breathing Techniques- Your breath is super powerful and the more oxygen you get in to your cells, the healthier you become. Take time to belly breathe and clear out those cells (and eat less junk food- the more junk food you eat, the less oxygen you have in your cells as well!).

-Sleep. Now this is an obvious one, but I have to say... not much of it happened in our house when we were all sick. When you have a baby that is completely stuffed (and husband that can't breathe- oye)... you will know neither one of them can sleep. Therefore, I didn't sleep much either. But I encourage YOU to get all the sleeping you can get, my friend!

To wrap this up, I really hope you don't need to reread this list ever this year. Sending you health and wellness for the months to come!

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