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From Winter To Spring

I am nudged to write a little Success Secret about foods, movement and self awareness activities that you can indulge in (right now) to do two things for yourself: Help beat the winter blues and spring yourself forward to feel fabulous for the warmer weather!

Nutrition: Intuitively these foods have been calling out to me in my mind to eat more of and to tell others how good they are for you as well (especially right now).

Arugula- This peppery lettuce supplies a good source of calcium, iron, and magnesium. Plus it has Vitamin B, A and C. All of these properties clean out your colon, give you energy and add a spring into your step.

Avocados- These plump fruit are excellent in helping your body absorb all other vitamins from vegetables because of their healthy fat content. They are especially great in salads for this reason. They help support the immune system and create youthful glowing, hydrated skin. Who doesn't want that during the winter time?

Lemons- Lemons provide a way for our digestive systems to work more smoothly. Drink warm lemon water in the morning on an empty stomach and your gas plus any issues with digestion will go away. Want a flatter stomach? Lemons.

Ginger- It seems as though arthritis and inflammatory issues flare up in the winter because we are less active, eat more junk food, and the cold weather can be tough on stiff joints. Ginger helps reduce pain and inflammation and is a natural pain reliever.

Mushrooms- Winter hands us shorter days and less sunlight so the body naturally creates less Vitamin D (which is a nutrient that supports bone health to the immune system and even fertility). So during months with limited sunlight, you want to turn towards foods with high amounts of Vitamin D. Mushrooms are your friend.

Oranges- Oranges are rich in Vitamin C which helps prevent the common cold and give your skin that beautiful dewey look we all like throughout the winter months.

Movement: Move it or loose it, sister. Here are simple, effective, and ever lasting fitness modalities that are just the best this time of year.

Hiking- So many people wait until the plants are budding and a warm breeze is out before they get their bodies outside to move. Now is the perfect time to breathe in crisp air, not get bit by bugs/ticks and to enjoy time in nature without the crowds. Fill up a water bottle, throw on a hat and gloves, and get to hiking. Hiking boosts your heart rate, grows strong muscles in the legs and core, and offers mental health benefits. Being among nature reduces depression ten fold. I suggest checking out different paths, become adventurous and curious (with a friend if you are really going off the beaten path!).

Mat Pilates- I am sure you all know how much of a fan I am of pilates, but especially mat pilates. Mat pilates offers you ways to move your body that is excellent for the seven core layers in your abdomen, strengthens your pelvic floor, and creates a tight girdle around your waist. If you practice this a couple times per week, look out Spring! You will be READY and feeling fresh!

TRX- I have been loving the TRX bands with my clients recently and when I think about it, it is such a brilliant tool to develop strength with just your own bodyweight. You can work every muscle you have in multiple ways, shoot your heart rate up in seconds, and use this method to burn body fat pretty fast.

Self-awareness Activities: Winter is the perfect time to go within and become your own teacher. Embrace your feminine energy (the quiet, calm, intuitive parts of yourself) to re-evaluate where you are in life. Are you not liking a particular direction you are going in? Sit on it and reflect. How can you make things different?

-Mediation: I am sure you knew this one was coming! There is nothing better than quieting your mind or figuring out a tough situation by going in to your heart center and asking help from a higher source to help you gain clarity on a current obstacle. You will be amazed at what will unfold just by asking. But please be patient as everything in life takes time!

-Writing by the fire: Fire brings forth passion, motion, fuel and heat. If you want to figure out what the next best thing for yourself is, get cozy with a journal by the fire. Let your thoughts and desires out on to the page without censors, without control or your ego stopping you. Turn up the heat in your mind and ignite the most amazing ideas you have for yourself. Let it out and then keep that paper in your sight at all times. I bet you, some of it will come true!

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