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As a Spiritual Advisor, I use my intuition and messages from the Afterlife to help people heal, understand their emotions, connect to joy and design their life to fulfill their highest potential.

I have been receiving messages from my Spirit Team since I was young, but have truly embraced it professionally in the past seven years. It warms my heart to be able to witness others receive messages from their Loved Ones on the Other Side, be presented with evidence and validation, and gain action steps from their Spirit Guides.

My other passion is teaching those with open hearts and open minds how to access their intuition on a daily basis. More and more people are becoming aware that we are far more powerful than what we have been taught. Our sixth sense is woven into our DNA- we just have to activate it. It is as simple as having the belief that you can. 

- Julie Kraus, Spiritual Advisor


-Certified by Integrative Wellness Academy in Life Coaching in 2016

-Student of School of Mystical Arts with James Van Praagh in 2017

-Worked under world renowned psychic, Elizabeth Joyce in 2017

-Attunement of "Golden Ropes" from Dustin Parent 2017

-Diploma in Modern Demonology For Paranormal Investigators in 2020

-Student Of Accelerating Ascension with Corey Goode in 2020

-Certificate of Completion- The Akashic Records Course with Sandra Anne Taylor and studied under Linda Howe in 2022

-Student of Grow My Business with Lee Harris in 2023

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If you would like to get to know me a little bit more on a personal and spiritual level, check out my podcast, Cut The Karma! My sister, Jessica Fields from Seven Pines Apothecary, and myself record an episode bi-monthly based on spirituality, entrepreneurship and motherhood. We are always trying to "Do better and be better" and share our journey along the way with all who tune in.  We highly suggest starting from Season 1, but honor what intuitively feels best to you as well.

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