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Spiritual advisory program

Become is an intimate six month group program that shows you how to become a Spiritual Advisor or collect Spiritual Advisory modalities for your own business enhancement.

The program BECOME teaches you how to take your own unique flair, skills and intuitive abilities to create a long lasting business model made for success- within your own life and others.

You will heal yourself, learn what your unique energetic intuitive signatures are, how to form them into a solid foundation, and offer it into the world.  

Your offerings will provide your clients with healing, comfort, personal discovery, intuitive information, and direction on how to live a soul driven life.

But most importantly, they will have the opportunity to BECOME what they desire while morphing alongside of you as their Spiritual Advisor.

BECOME begins on September 6th, 2024 and runs for 6 months, including weekly calls,

a community space, and materials to help you grow.

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Month 6 practice (

21 Day
Energetic Upgrade Course 

The Energetic Upgrade Course is designed to condition your energy’s current state to a higher one by using your intuition and transformative healing modalities. This allows you to integrate with your higher self, communicate with your spirit team and contact your loved ones on the other side. By embodying higher energy, you will witness personal clarity and understand that your intuition is your ultimate compass in life. This course is about feeling and imagining your way through your energy- it is time to tuck your thoughts and critical mind away and allow your natural magic to come out to play!

The Energetic Upgrade Course is self-led on a platform called Thinkific. Each person learns differently so I made sure to offer videos, meditations, pdfs, checklists, and audio formats for you. You may move through it as fast or slow as you'd like, but ideally it takes about two to four weeks to complete when implementing all of the opportunities to grow.

Thank you for taking the leap and trusting me to lead you through this transformative and life changing course. I created the Energetic Upgrade Course because I wish I had this while going through my own spiritual awakening. My guides held my hand every step of the way while making this so I am very confident in the format and ways in which you will learn- Because it is Spirit led!

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"You are absolutely amazing! You have this calming and gentleness about you Julie. You made me feel so safe with you, and allowed me to open up and share things I never spoke of (not even to my mom & sister) This experience was everything I needed. The  closure you gave me means so much to me, I can’t thank you enough. I learned so much about myself, I’m so grateful for you."

"Thank you so much.  I feel so validated and have such hope for a career I'll enjoy in the future and so much more trust that I'll be where I am supposed to be.  I've already been putting the action steps into practice and feel more fulfilled this week than I usually do.  What you offer is such a blessing and I have so much gratitude that I was able to meet with you."

"Thank you so much for a special experience.  I can't believe how impactful it was and brought me tremendous peace.  You have a beautiful gift and I am glad you shared it with me."

"I highly recommend working with Julie.  Her ability to channel our energy through our Guides as well as sharing messages from our Loved Ones on the Other Side is in one simple word- amazing."

"I wanted to share that I listened back to our session we had in March and you are amazing.  Amazing and wonderful.  Keep sharing your Divine Gift.  What wonderful insight you provide.  Truly Divine."

I have grown during this course in so many ways! Knowledge being such a key to this enlightenment. Having the tools, guidance, and community to nurture this growth was such an incredible asset. I have gained skills to view the world and myself differently. I have found confidence in gifts that have been inside me all along.  As well as confidence in now knowing how to hone and use them.  I feel so much more connected to my intuition, the messages I receive, and the peace I feel. I feel so much more connected to everything, really. The earth, animals, my friends on this journey with me, and even my kids. 

The biggest thing I’ve learned throughout this course is confidence. Confidence in myself, in the messages, and my healing strengths. I learned, well I AM learning, to trust my intuition. I’m learning to lean into the moments that seem a little outside of my comfort level, and I am always richly rewarded when I do. For that is when I have those body tingling, heart lightening meditations and powerful messages. 

I have absolutely had so many breakthrough moments, where things just connected between my brain and my heart. The chakra surgery was surprisingly eye opening for me. I have continued to utilize that process on this journey of healing. I truly think I have found life altering healing through that method. I also have found the guided meditations invaluable! The outlines on how to protect and ground, how to connect with my higher self, how to repair my chakras, what to look or feel for in my every day to enhance my spirituality; I now have all of these skills and tools in my toolbox. I absolutely hope to take any class she has in the future to review and further my knowledge and confidence. I am beyond grateful for this course. It has undoubtedly changed my life for the better.

-Audra J

I absolutely loved the Energetic Upgrade Course! This is something I have always wanted to tap into and I wanted to be sure that I was learning from an authentic source. 

Since the course started I have noticed that I am more confident in what I’m feeling and more aware of energies around me. 

 An interesting experience with loved ones on the other side: My parents passed 17 years ago and one day in November I was driving in the car and I wished them a Happy Anniversary in my mind and the radio station jumped stations from NPR talk radio to a love song that I never heard before!! 

I love my morning ritual of sage, palo santo, grounding and connecting! It sets me up for a great day. I notice on the days that I skip, “something” is missing! Being an empathetic person I’ve found that because of this ritual I don’t get pulled into others negative energy but that I can still be there for them but not feel so drained. 

I learned that I can feel my spirit team when I ask them to come in and to go with my initial “gut” / sacral feeling about something before Ego takes over. 

I’m so grateful for Julie and this course as it has truly helped my confidence and overall happiness especially during these trying times that we are in! 

I’m excited to keep developing and learning more and more! Thank you SOOO MUCH!

-Delana F

I have learned to trust myself and stop second guessing my intuition. This course has helped me realize that I need to be more confident in myself. I used to seek external validation & answers with Spirit but this has made me realize we all have it inside of us. We just have to trust in ourselves!

Through this course, Julie has changed the trajectory of my life and I’m sure of a few others. I’m forever grateful for the skills, knowledge, & love she has shared. Her time, her kind thoughts, & intentions didn’t go unnoticed. I feel this course is worth its weight in gold. It is beneficial for everyone no matter where you are on your spiritual journey. I am grateful for all of YOU and your contributions in this group. Your stories, your experiences, and your questions have opened my eyes & heart more than I could have ever anticipated.

-Penny N

There is absolutely nothing else like this out there.  

-Doug M

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