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Our Sacred Space is an online community site for those with open hearts and open minds wanting to learn more about their intuition and connect deeper with Spirituality.


Speak to your Loved Ones on the Other Side during our monthly group mediumship readings, learn about energy in our Spirit School, gain intuitive tips in another monthly virtual gathering, and connect with one another through our private Facebook group.



  • The first Monday of every month we meet virtually to learn the energy of what's to come and how to navigate through awareness, confidence and love.

  • The third Thursday of every month we gather virtually to call forth our Spirit Team and Loved Ones on the Other Side for mini mediumship readings in a group setting.

  • Gain knowledge in our Spirit School which provides you with higher perspective lessons on intuition and daily living.

  • Have access to our Facebook Page where you can connect deeper with the heart opening members of Our Sacred Space

  • Receive special discounts to Julie's offerings


  • $60/month 

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Julie really fosters a sense of community within her Sacred Space offerings. Through love, trust and understanding - the juxtaposition of her gentle yet direct style, leaves you feeling held and secure always. Her knowledge of the spiritual world is deep and flourishes when she is sharing it with all of us. She is a true teacher at heart and one that is so well respected because of her approach. Julie has personally guided me through my evergreen spiritual awakening and has never left me feeling alone on this journey. I am forever grateful I decided to join this space because the people that Julie attracts are likeminded and filled with pure light. We cry together, laugh together, learn together and hold space for each other - we are a chosen family.


Since joining the "Sacred Space" with Julie, I have gained so much knowledge, experience, and reassurance. Nora was 100% right when she said that "We are a chosen family", I have felt so comfortable being vulnerable with the group and the compassion I received is heartwarming. Julie has fostered this within the group. Personally, Julie has helped me see what I have had inside of me for so long. Every month, I am excited to see what we are going to talk about and learn.


Julie’s classes helped me gain more confidence in my intuitive ability and taught me how to have a better relationship with my guides, myself and my energy field. This space has helped me in my career and life. I consider her one of my spiritual mentors and am so incredibly grateful for her abilities and skills. It’s an honor to have her in my life. 

-Erica C

Julie - there truly are no words for me to express how much I appreciate and value the space you have created not only for me, but all of your followers. You are the kindest, most loving, caring, playful and thoughtful soul - you are an angel on earth.  I think if you've ever wanted to grow your intuition, go deep on spirituality, learn and grow on all things in the safest most loving community and be surrounded by patient, kind, genuine people who truly want to see you do better, be better, and live authentically you for your highest good? Or on the flip side learn what the heck all of this even means? Look no further than the Sacred Space with Julie. 


She has helped me find clarity on important decisions on my fertility journey, my career, speak to loved ones who have passed and simply grow to be a better wife, mother, friend, daughter, employee and most importantly love and trust myself. That is priceless and something I could never express my gratitude enough to Julie for. 


Please - reach out to her today to learn more. The second you connect with her, you know exactly what I mean

-Nicole S

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