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2020 Habits

Happy New Year!

I recently read a great little article about focusing on habits in the new decade rather than setting so many goals. I thought that was actually brilliant as habits can be set for life (if you want them to be) and goals mostly have a beginning and end to them (and can often keep you in a box). After thinking back to 2019, I realized that I did just that- I created small habits to keep myself on track during a such large transition of having a baby and created some really great momentum in my life.

But this article made me think deeper about goals vs habits. When you have a goal in mind, it does give you a direction- it is usually specific, measurable, and time based. However, many of us do not take the time to break down how we are going to achieve that goal and often over or undershoot the steps it takes to make that goal actually happen- and wind up flopping. But then again sometimes we do, and at the end are completely burned out at the time of the accomplishment that we stop all momentum we gained.

By focusing on positive habits (which are smaller action steps to help you set up a healthier lifestyle for yourself) you create longstanding change in your life that allows you to grow and teaches you what dedication really means to a daily action- without so much pressure as a goal can place on you. This motivates larger growth rather than possibly setting yourself up for failure or keeping you in a box.

Some small personal positive habits I (or my husband and myself) set out to accomplish in 2019 that are still going strong and have built success/happiness are:

-Take Wesley on stroller walks or hikes every day the weather allows

-Make our bed as soon as we get out of it (I always did this, but it was especially important when Wesley was born to keep it going- the little things help make you feel normal)

-Each time Mike or I receive change (dollars or cents), we put it in an envelope for added future savings or to splurge on something exciting

-Floss my teeth every single night before bed

-Eat one meal that is only protein and veg/fruit per day

-Listen to educational podcasts when I drive

-Sit and talk to my husband every night when Wesley goes to bed without distraction

-Work when Wesley naps

By doing these things, I have maintained and strengthened a decently healthy lifestyle, stayed connected with my husband, saved money, feel more educated, and have been able to work in a more focused fashion- all things that are important to me!

Will you be joining me this year? If so, what are some new small habits you want to add in to your life? They may seem silly at first, like flossing your teeth, but it adds up in the end!

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