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What I Have Been Loving Lately- Health Addition

I decided to put together a little list of all the health products/activities I have been engaging with because I feel like I should share the love- if I enjoy something, why not tell you about it!

I have done this every week since the start of my pregnancy- at least two times per week and I L O V E it! Those little 3-5lb weights do not let you down. Oh my gosh, my muscles scream! Admittedly I can gain muscle pretty quickly in certain areas of my body so when I know that my body will be storing body fat from carrying a little one, I adjust the way I move my body. I don't want to feel bulky while pregnant and when I lift heavy while pregnant, my joints and ligaments just ache. Also, I noticed if I do too much cardio (even walking) my legs and hips hurt for days so this program has served me SO well and I highly recommend it (pregnant or not).

My husband and I have gotten back in to drinking warm lemon water and eating oatmeal breakfasts in the morning. It's quick, easy, warm and filling on these colder autumn days. This link has some really delish recipes that will make you drool just reading them so watch out. ;)

This is a little odd, a little TMI, a little (a lot) feminine, but who cares ... I love it. I started using this Honey Pot Sensitive Wash when another woman in my Interstitial Cystitis Community claimed it has helped her so much "down there". Ever since being diagnosed with IC, I was told to only use "sensitive" washes. However, there was never one I truly fell in love with and was told even sensitive washes have glycerin in them which can contribute to side effects we all don't want (yeast infections, bacterial infections, etc). I did my homework on this all natural wash and was sold. I have been using it for about four months now and have only needed to restock once- I am on my second bottle, just freshly opened.

My sister and niece recommended her to me and she is just great. On the days where I only have 15 minutes to workout or am feeling low in energy, I type in Holly Dolke into my Youtube account and get moving. I love her channel because you don't need to have weights, there are no intense workouts, and I still get a crazy burn in my muscles doing some funky moves.

Ok, friends. This has been an ultimate game changer in helping reduce swelling from pregnancy (at least thus far). I didn't have swelling with Wesley, but like they say- every pregnancy is different. I lay with my butt against the wall and my legs up it for about 5-10 minutes, a couple times throughout the day. I have noticed the swelling in my ankles, calves, and hands go down a ton. The short clip linked above goes into detail about how many other benefits this pose holds. I highly recommend it pregnant or not (better digestion, circulation, lung capacity, etc). I have to also add that my little buddy always runs over and spends some quality time with me when I'm here- how cute!

I know we are all wearing our masks while out and about and if you are not using throw away ones, it is vital to keep your mask clean. It is easy for bacteria to build up in there and then you can wind up getting sick. When I wear my cloth mask, I load up on the Wild Orange Rosemary spray (there are other scents as well). It smells amazing, it anti-viral and anti-bacterial. Perfect!

Obviously I still recommend washing them as well!


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