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Spiro's Holiday Gift Guide

This year I wanted to pour focus into small businesses that are doing great things to spread magic into our air. More than ever, we need a reason to feel connected to one another and uplift one another through endless support. These are the businesses that I feel do just that through their healing, gifts, and talents so I wanted to highlight them this season. If you are interested in any of their services, click the link that is attached to their name.

Love Bulbs - I had the pleasure of meeting the owner of Love Bulb Co through a local yoga studio and wound up giving her a reading. Bonnie lost her daughter in 2016 to an accidental overdose. Through her grieving she created this incredible business to keep her daughter's spirit alive and to give back to women who are in recovery. I have gifted these year after year and my heart shines knowing I am giving a present that also gives back. Click the link to get your hands on a beautiful Amaryllis. Brown Sugar Fairies Books - "Made of Earth and Stardust... We Were Born Magical." "I want to share stories about fairies that come from a place not so distant from our own,” said author Aiysha Sinclair. “Stories that will provoke curiosity and open the reader up to a world of magic and fantasy with characters that reflect our image. But above all, Brown Sugar Fairies is a healing tale about the magic of friendship.” How beautiful- more books like this need to land in the laps of our children! Visit the link provided to be blown away by the beauty Aiysha creates. Soul Magic Tarot And Healing - Colleen has been a long time friend of mine who has been practicing, reading, and teaching tarot throughout the past couple years. Her knack for teaching and connecting with her students is amazing to witness. She is a grounded and extremely fun person to invite into your spiritual awakening if you choose to get a tarot card reading. Click the link if you know someone on your holiday list would like some energetic messages read for them! Soulstice Journey- This Etsy shop blows me away. If you'd like to stuff someone's stocking with the most beautifully charged crystals, herbs, jewelry or divination tools, this is the place to shop! My friend Kim does a stellar job with packaging and customer service as well. Click here to become obsessed with her shop! Nourishing Storm - Nourishing Storm is a gorgeous yoga studio and cafe located in Hatboro, Pa. Due to covid, they have developed a great online practice as well. Check out their link if you fancy a gift card for your fellow yogi or mindful friend. Enchanted Living Magazine- Is a quarterly print magazine that celebrates all things enchanted- it is a feast for the senses. Every issue features exquisite photography, recipes, original fiction and poetry, travel pieces, artist profiles, home decor, otherworldly beauty tips, craft tutorials, and much more—with a dash of faerie magic sprinkled throughout. How amazing would this be to deliver to a kindred spirit on your holiday list?! Raven Lewis Jewelry- If you are a lover of wearing your crystals, this is the place to shop! Pick up a stunning necklace, pair of earrings, or bracelet for your fav person this holiday season. Elemental Reiki- I received Penny's distance healing reiki a couple times throughout the last year and she so uniquely paired each energy center with a beautiful crystal. Afterwards I received oracle cards pulls, a message on what she received while working on my energy, and a list of crystals she used during my session. Please reach out via email to her if you'd like a reiki session done or want to give the gift of healing this holiday season- Seven Pines Apothecary- From oils to lotions and potions, this local business offers custom crafted aromatherapy products and essential oil blends to support health and well being. Their Etsy store is booming with feel good products to uplift your mind, body and spirit! Energetic Upgrades- I connect you with your higher self, spirit team and loved ones on the other side to receive messages of love, actions steps that can propel you onto your highest path, and give you evidence that they are there. This is a unique psychic and mediumship reading that will help upgrade your energy if you follow the advice you are given from higher realms. Click the link to give yourself a little gift or purchase a gift card. Lastly, if you are looking to donate in any way this season and aren't sure where to turn, here are some really great organizations that do such incredible work to help the world become a better place: International Justice Mission Soldier's Angels Stand For Trees Embrace Race Much peace to you this holiday season, Julie


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