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Growth During Silence

I can not believe it has been six plus months since I have written a Success Secret. What can I say other than I feel as though so much has been happening- hence the silence from me.

I feel as though Covid has hit everyone in completely different ways, yet all in the same ways. During the beginning of quarantine, my husband and I found ourselves working from home, like many, while managing a toddler because we took him out of daycare. We both had an upswing in business and while we felt incredibly blessed and fortunate, it was a large struggle to navigate. I had to prioritize what needed to happen most and that meant newsletters/success secrets/social media posts went on the back burner (I also chose to not go on social media as much because the energy just felt so thick). Eventually my husband went back to work, I had part time help with my son for the summer time, and I was able to semi-juggle things. Phew!

However, I then became pregnant within the first couple days of June (!!). I was then hit very hard with morning (all day) sickness, emotions of the state of our world, and losing my in home babysitter in August. Because of those things, I had to make decisions (small and large) for myself and my family. I shifted my work hours to be a stay-at-home mom with my son and growing belly during the day and see clients only at night. Work has been less about training clients physically and more about working with clients in an intuitive and life coaching fashion. I am really liking this path I have been walking on with my career, but I am still learning how to balance it energetically. Mike and I have been ships passing in the night as he has been working throughout the day, with Wesley at night, and completing a large construction project on our home during the weekends.

Speaking of pregnancy, we were thrown a whole other layer of a not-so-fun-surprise with our little baby (don't you feel like 2020 has so many unwelcomed and unsettling surprises? Yeah, me too). Days after we told our close friends and family members that were were expecting- 3 months in, we found out that the baby's cells came back abnormal from a blood test I had taken. My jaw had dropped because we had two ultrasounds previously where everything looked great and healthy. With this news, we made a big decision to go on with further testing around 15 weeks of pregnancy to learn more. Sadly the baby's cells grew slower than expected in the lab so we had to wait five weeks longer than expected for results. I found out a couple days after turning 20 weeks that everything was healthy with our little one! I have to say that those 8 weeks were very long. Thankfully those who knew kept us in their prayers and my sweet husband helped ground my thoughts. Surprisingly though, I mostly kept the worries at bay. If it were not for the deep inner work I have been doing on myself and putting faith in God and my gut, I think I would have been a complete wreck. While it was hard to carry on some days and pretend I wasn't even pregnant through zoom meetings and virtually speaking to clients, it somehow made me feel as though this wasn't happening- for at least a couple hours out of my day. Not that I wanted to wish away our pregnancy, but to think as though nothing could even potentially be wrong... was a magical feeling. I am just so glad to be sitting here today telling you all that we are expecting a beautiful and healthy little girl!!!

I have no idea what is to come with Health with Julie, Success Secrets, outdoor workouts, and my healthy social media posts. I have learned that life is just too precious to put strain and stress on myself and worry about what's next with this aspect of my life. I have been letting things ride out as they may and am following the feel good vibes. But I would have never been able to feel out the feel good vibes if I didn't sit in silence and allow shifts and growth within myself to blossom.

It finally felt right to write this to all of you. I truly appreciate anyone who has reached out to say hello or wonder where I have been- there have been a lot of shifts within me. You have been on my mind more than you know and I am sending you strength throughout the rest of 2020.

Much love,



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