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How to master being Beyonce and Buddha... @ the same time!

I used to think that living holistically only meant eating organic foods, using all natural cleaning products and walking around in the grass barefoot.

I kind of thought that way of life was "granola-y and woo-woo".

But, as time went on, I realized that holistic living is so much more... so much less... and so much cooler than I have ever thought.

Holistic means emphasizing the importance of the whole and the interdependence of its parts.

Living means having a life and thriving.

Today, when the I think of living holistically, I see myself living my truth, being my authentic self and thriving while doing so in my most wholesome form.

It feels freeing, light, expressive, expansive, authentic, and real.

My way of holistic living now looks like:

-Eating clean foods, yet treating myself to chocolate when I intuitively want to.

-Cleaning the house and my body with all natural products, yet spritzing Dolce and Gabbana perfume on my body before a night out on the town.

-Allowing myself to hold space for my negative thoughts, yet eventually having them dissipate when I chose to remember my self beliefs and empowerment which does not like negativity.

-Enjoying the now and appreciating what I have with my thoughts, but having the wherewithal to know I can change anything at any given point because I can.

-Simply put, it is a balancing act that creates a healthy body, mind and spirit in the best and most fun way I know how.

I am basically Beyonce and Buddha in one body ;) I borrowed that quote that's been floating around (I have no idea the source), but how perfectly does it fit in with this success secret??

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