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I have been honored to speak at a gym and a yoga studio/cafe recently. I spoke about manifesting what you want in life. I went through several action steps you must take to get there (including how to stop sabotaging yourself), but this is one action step I feel inclined to share today with you. Enjoy!


What do you want?


Be very clear with one specific category you want to enhance in your life. Finances, a home, career, love, weight loss.... choose one!

Then find yourself a cozy spot, get out your favorite pencil, a piece of paper, and your imagination.

Write these things down:

1) Your goal- be as specific as possible

2) How you will feel when obtaining your goal

3) How you will think while you at your goal

4) How you will look once you reached your goal

For example, say you wanted a house. My goal is a three bedroom house in Bucks County, Pa with one acre of land, a fireplace, basement, back porch and a long driveway. I feel proud of myself, excited to create character in the house, happy I have a home to call mine, fulfilled, cozy and comfortable in the house, and have an energy that allows people to want to come in and stay a while. I think I have a responsibility to attend to that keeps me on tract and focused with my finances and career. I think I am holding many family gatherings, I think confidently about my life, and that I am officially an adult (ha!). I look very happy, accomplished, fulfilled, and relaxed.

Now, the trick is to look at this manifestation sheet morning, noon and night. Put yourself in these feelings. Imagine yourself at your goal and increase your energetic emotions, thoughts and feelings to match what you wrote down. Do not say, "I will feel" ... say, "I feel". You are taking out the future tense and pretending you are in the now.

You have that goal right now.

You can only make a change in your life if you start to align your energy with the thing you want to manifest.

Believe in yourself, know you can do it, take positive action steps towards your goal and visualize the outcome.

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