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Spring Clean Your Inbox!

Hello fellow humans! Ashley here from the Health with Julie team! This spring Health with Julie has decided to shake it up and install a Success Secret Series where you get to hear from one of the HwJ team (or as I like to say: family) members! That’s right! On top of all the incredible advice you get from Julie, you also get to here from other members of the HwJ fam on ways we stay healthy in Mind, Body, & Spirit!

I know: it’s exciting! ;)

So without further adieu…

SPRING CLEANING YOUR INBOX: Confessions & Interventions of an Email Hoarder

The one area that I always overlook when I’m doing my Spring Cleaning rituals is my inbox. To give you an idea, just one of my email accounts had 9,724 unread emails, most of which were spam (yikes!) So this year I’ve decided to put an end to that.

I started this seemingly daunting task by unsubscribing from all of the junk emails. That’s right ladies- say bye-bye to those Sephora, Amazon, & Victoria Secret emails (take it from me- if you were gonna use that 20% off code, you would have already). I unfortunately had WAY more that I had to dump- Spirit Airlines, Etsy, Lime Crime, Adam & Eve (hehe), Seamless… the list went on and on.

ANYWHO each time I unsubscribed from an email list, I went back into my email and searched the name of that store and deleted all the past emails I had received from them. Yes this took a while but I did it while I was binge watching The Office on Netflix so it felt like nothing! I repeated this step with every subscription I canceled over the course of a few days. Once I finished I felt INCREDIBLE- the only emails I was receiving were ones that I was actually going to read!

But here at HwJ we listen to the laws of the Universe, and when you take negative things away you have to replace them with positive things! (Maybe subscription emails aren’t exactly what that rule is referring to but you get my drift) I was feeling accomplished but wanted some pizazz! Can you blame me? So I decided to fill my inbox with things that inspired me. Not a ton- I did NOT want to get back to that nearly 10,000 unread email status. But I wanted a few inspirational emails to brighten my day! Here are my favorites that I subscribe to: (btw bonus is they are all free!)


Notes from the Universe


Notes from the Universe is an email subscription service that does exactly what it says: sends you daily emails from the Universe! It was started in 1988 as a weekly email sent out to 38 addresses and now its blossomed into a daily email sent to over 750,000 subscribers in 185 countries! (woah!) They send out brief passages written by “The Universe,” personalized with your name (and occasionally your personal goals and dreams), designed to remind you that you have, indeed, been given dominion over all things. It’s a super empowering email and a staple in my morning commute to work. To read more about the incredible story of how these emails came to be click here!


Austin Kleon Weekly Newsletters


Another inspirational favorite of mine is author Austin Kleon’s Weekly Newsletter. Austin is an incredible author who wrote Steal Like An Artist, Newspaper Blackout, and Show Your Work!. He defines himself as “a writer who draws” and “make(s) art with words and books with pictures.” Every week he sends out a list of ten things he thinks are worth sharing, including new art, writing, and interesting links! This newsletter always gets me jazzed to create something whether that be a new recipe, art piece, or choreographed dance! Click here to check out his newsletter!


Success Secrets! .......................

Last but certainly not least is Health With Julie Success Secrets! Free weekly advice from my favorite Intuitive Life Coach EVER- Julie Kraus!! No joke: I’ve read every single Success Secret and love them ALL. Sometimes I even request certain topics just so I can get expert advice from my fav lady! And guess what?! You can too! Have a topic you want Julie to cover in a Success Secret? Hit her up at and you just might see your topic covered in an upcoming Success Secret ;)

Check out other Success Secrets here!

Well there ya have it! Here are the ways that I keep my inbox de-cluttered and firing out inspiration!

Stay Goofy!


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