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Kick Anxiety to the Curb!

Hiya, Friend!

Have you ever suffered from an anxiety attack?

It's not fun.

But let me tell you exactly what it is and how you can kick it to the curb immediately

"An anxiety attack is a high degree stress response activated by either overly apprehensive behavior (worrying/fearing something really bad may happen) or by the involuntary action of an overly stressed body.

In other words, anxiety attacks have two main causes:

Voluntary anxiety attacks: When we worry something really bad may happen and the body responds with a high degree stress response.

Involuntary anxiety attacks: When the body activates a high degree stress response due to persistently elevated stress." -Anxiety Centre

It has been proven that 95% of what you are fearing during an anxiety attack, will not happen. When you are in an attack, do these simple things:

-Breathe deeply and slowly (people tend to take shallow, quick breaths during an anxiety attack). This will open up your blood vessels and allow more oxygen to the brain. When you have more oxygen in the brain you are able to think clearly- remind yourself that you are creating fear in your mind and the situation you are fearing really isn't going to happen. This will provide a sense of calm, your heart rate will decrease and you will work yourself out of the chaos you created.

-Distract yourself- as mentioned most anxiety attacks happen from overthinking/worrying. Find a way to distract yourself by reading, calling a friend, writing, or exercise. Anything that distracts your mind away from anxious thinking will indirectly end stress responses.

How you can prevent anxiety attacks:

-Incorporate stress reducing activities into your life like yoga, epsom salt baths, long walks, more communication, and mediation. The key is to utilize the time and be in the moment to allow your mind to unwind- do not take a yoga class and think about work! Stay present and let it go. Life is too short!

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