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Breathe New Life At Work

65% of my work is done on the computer.

My shoulders slump, back bends, neck hurts, eyes become sore, my brain turns to mush.

I used to complain about it and not really do anything to fix the situation!

Oh, me.

Now I set my alarm for every hour and I fix the situation by either:

-Stretching (even just neck and shoulder rolls at my desk help- but I take my time with it)

-Foam rolling

-Geting up to pour myself more water

-Doing a chore around the house (usually food prep or laundry)

-Stopping and listening to a podcast for 10 minutes with my eyes closed

... Truly anything helps when you shift your awareness and thoughts for a little bit.

I always feel refreshed and ready to get back into it.

If your at work, try these things:

-Step outside for 2 minutes and let the sun hit your face

-Go on a walk at lunch

-Walk to a different part of the building

-Place headphones in your ears during lunch and listen to binaural beats for 10 minutes

Literally any little difference has a large impact on rejuvenating your energy!

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