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3 Ingredient Watermelon Lemonade!

I first saw this recipe from the Medical Medium. Have you heard of him? He is a gifted man that communicates with spirit- his spirit team tells him which foods heal the body and which foods to release from your nutrition plan because they actually do more harm than good. Naturally he pushes more fruits and vegetables. He wrote a couple books, and I know a few people that followed his protocol to heal their bodies. I have heard nothing but rave reviews from them. If you are suffering from an illness or disease, I highly recommend you googling him!

🍉🍋 Fill your blender with watermelon chunks, add one inch of fresh ginger (optional) and a healthy squeeze of a lemon. Blend. Pour over ice and lemon slices and enjoy👌🏻✨

Ps- Another option to make it even sweeter... you can add in fresh strawberries!

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