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Personal Development Podcasts!

When I started working with this one particular company, I was taught the importance of personal development. For thirty minutes a day, they wanted their partners to work on either their skill set or their mindset- that could be in the form of reading a book, listening to an audiobook, podcast, attending a seminar, retreat, etc.

I have been doing this daily for the past three years and my life has drastically changed for the better. I started off reading books that helped with my business sense, confidence, understanding relationships, and spirituality.

While I still love to have my nose in a book on a lazy Saturday or Sunday, I recognized I am more crunched for time during the week and books weren't cutting it. Podcasts have suited my needs more because I am able to multi-task while listening to them. Podcasts pair nicely while I am driving to my clients’ houses, running errands, cleaning or cooking. Typically I go through one to two podcast episodes per day (psstt... that's about 45-90 minutes of personal development every day!).

If you are an entrepreneur, or interested in business, developing your mindset, setting your soul on fire, spirituality, health and wellness, and learning about different cultures, than I have an excellent list of podcasts for you. But please promise me you will actually apply the information you learn and not just listen to it!!


The Goal Digger Podcast- Jenna Kutcher helps you redefine success and chase bolder dreams.

Goop Podcast with Gwyneth Paltrow- She chats with leading thinkers, culture changers and industry disrupters with a heavy dose of health and spirituality mixed in.

Amy Porterfield Online Marketing Expert- Online marketing is made easy listening to her podcast.

The Marie Forleo Podcast- Marie Forleo is a multi-passionate entrepreneur who helps you become the person you want to be- she shares action steps to help you find greater happiness with yourself and your business.

Life Coaching School with Brooke Castillo- She helps you better understand life coaching and how to develop a stronger mindset. (She often chats about her story with weight loss and how she uses life coaching to stay healthy.)

Joe Rogan Podcast- He is a comedian, sports announcer, athlete, lifestyle seeker, and pushes the boundaries of everyday thinking. Ps- Earmuffs for the little ones if they are in the room.

Super Soul Conversations- Oprah interviews health and wellness experts, thought leaders and authors. She takes a spiritual approach to all her conversations.

The GaryVee Audio Experience- Gary provides a wealth of knowledge on business, mindset, skillset, finances, and forward thinking. Again, earmuffs.

Jillian Michaels Podcast- Her podcast is packed with entertainment, inspiration and information. I listen to this when I need something light.

PsychicTeachers- Samantha and Deb deep dive into the spiritual side of life and offer tips on how to become more intuitive/psychic.

Those were listed in no particular order and are what I am interested in right now. I may do this every couple of months as I grow my list or my needs and wants change. Feel free to leave in the comments what podcasts you love too!

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