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All Natural Home Remedies That Prevent Seasonal Shifts In the Body

I am the first one to scream from the rooftops how happy I am when summer comes to an end, however, let's face it... when autumnal weather rolls in, we start to feel dramatic shifts in our body. Sometimes allergies flare up, colds start coming on, bloat becomes our sidekick from heavier foods, and our mood may dampen because of earlier sunsets. But let's not let that stop us from smelling everything spice, enjoying the crisp air and snuggling up by a bonfire on a Saturday night.

Here are some all natural at-home remedies you can do daily to prevent those dramatic shifts from happening to your precious body.

Peppermint essential oil prevents headaches from weather shifts or hormones. When I was suffering from really bad headaches, my step mother in law told me about peppermint essential oil. Putting one drop into a bottle of water daily prevents headaches, even migraines from coming on. Heck yes!

Apples for acid reflux. When I eat something that is higher in fat (hello fall and winter foods), my body fights back with acid reflux. The worst. I combat reflux and indigestion with an apple- no kidding! A half an apple later and my insides are as calm as a cool cucumber.

Warm lemon water for digestion and bloat. Once Autumn hits, we start to hibernate a little and stock up on heavier foods. Start your morning off right with warm lemon water on an empty stomach. This creates a balanced pH system in your body so you bloat less and have better digestion.

Honey and cinnamon everyday helps alleviate allergies and the common cold/flu- My husband and I took a large spoonful of local honey and cinnamon everyday one winter and barely sniffled. It was like magic- "the all natural preventative medicine" is what researchers call it.

Netti pot which is boiled water and salt to help keep sinuses open- Whenever we feel a sinus issue rearing its ugly head (and they can be ugly!), we go straight to the netti pot for help. I would say it helps me 70% of the time. If we did it daily, I am sure I would have less sinus infections creep in.

Exercise so your mood is naturally lifted to prevent seasonal affective disorder- When we workout, we release feel good endorphins. Exercise has saved many people from going bonkers during the winter months. I even like to hike outside to get the healing affects from nature and the adrenaline pump from the hike. Try it! Start soon :)

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