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The Secret To Transforming Your life by Danna Yahav

Let me paint a picture. You wake up everyday around 7:00 after hitting your alarm clock 4 times. You stumble out of bed angry with yourself for not waking up earlier to exercise. Ugh. The kids are already up and now you have to rush to get them ready, you ready, their lunches, their snacks, and break up the fighting in between.

“Fuck my life.”

You get to work and the first thing you think is “ Wasn’t I just here? Another day doing the same shit over and over again. Is this what life is all about?”

I am here to tell you that NO. This is not what life is all about. My name is Danna and I help unconfident women breakthrough their passionless, monotonous lives so that they can find themselves, their light, their excitement again and start living their purpose. I reconnect women with their TRUEst selves and help them get back on the path they were designed to walk. I do this through self discovery and deep transformation.

Here’s the secret to transforming your life. Are you ready for this? Lean in.

You already have all of the secrets and information inside of you. You are just not listening.

How do I know? At 30 years old I “woke up” and realized the life I was living wasn’t mine. I had so much anger, anxiety, and pain pent up from years of trying to block it all out and be the “strong one” for everyone. Do all the things I thought I was supposed to do for everyone and leave myself wilted, dry, and depressed. I had to make some big changes, the pain was too deep. I explored myself, followed my desires and passions, took action, trusted, cried, worked on my childhood trauma, and began to break out of my claustrophobic bubble of a life. I did the work. All of it. And I continue to do it daily. It is my mission to teach others how to find that light inside of themselves and create the most fantastic life they can dream of.

We are all so pre-occupied with what is going on in our minds not realizing that our bodies are constantly giving us signals about what is right or wrong for us. The issue is that we are so disconnected from ourselves and instead fully plugged in to society, the media, and what everyone else says and thinks. We can’t even recognize what is our intuition and what is just logic (the world’s intuition). And guess what? The latter, doesn’t work for everyone because it is not individualized. Your intuition was meant for you. To guide you, to help you live a passionate life, to create happiness, to help you heal, to put you on your path with purpose.

The answer to any question you may have is indeed inside of you. What is it that you are pondering right now? What do you most want to know about yourself or your life?

Ask it, out loud. Wait. Listen. Be still. What is the first thing that pops into your head? That whisper that feels like a drifting thought. That nudge or gut feeling. Can you put it into words? Your answers lie in there. The more you play with this process and get to know yourself for who you truly are (not just your subconscious patters and fears), everything will become more clear.

I mean can you imagine living a life that is guided by your intuition? Having the confidence to trust yourself so deeply that you are willing to go with your heart and soul when making any sort of decision? I have seen the magic and the miracles that occur from living this sort of aligned life. It’s out of this world.

I want that for you. I want that for everyone.

So I wrote a book. “Becoming Who You Are: A Workbook for Self Discovery + Transformation.” It is a 30 day workbook with deep questioning, daily challenges, processes, and exercises to help you get to the core of who you truly are. At the very least this book was designed to give you permission to accept yourself wherever you are and for whoever you are, currently. No shame and no blame. Just you. It’s available on Amazon and I am also gifting the intro and first 5 days of the workbook for free. Download it here: or on my website I hope that you find clarity, passion, and success in who you are and in everything that you do.



passion, and success in who you are and in everything that you do. Xoxo Danna

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