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Heightening Your Intuition Through Food

One mistake some people make while trying to engage with their intuition is spending too much time meditating, trying to make contact with their love ones who have passed, or doing rituals, etc.

In order to open to your internal gifts, you need to be grounded first. Grounding yourself means spending time and connecting with your own body in very healthy ways. You can do this through journaling your emotions, working out, spending time outdoors, eating the nourishment the earth provides us with, or wear grounding scents like lavendar, cedarwood or ylang ylang.

My intuition first sprouted through my work with the body and clean eating. I used exercise as a way to work through my emotions, using my breath and connecting with my physical self. Then I loved replenishing my body with clean whole foods from the earth. This cultivated a healthy gut and brain which meant clearer communicated with my soul self.

The cleaner your physical system is, the more you will open up your intuitive side. We all have something called a pineal gland inside our brain. It produces melatonin which is a serotonin derived hormone that helps us with our sleep patterns. It is also considered to be an organ attached to universal connection, our third eye. Our pineal gland appreciates and decalcifies itself when we chose to eat clean foods- Which means increased awareness to our intuitive side.

Another key organ that plays a major role in flourishing your intuition is your gut. Your gut is your second brain. Everything clean that you eat feeds the ecosystem in your stomach which keeps your body functioning like a well oiled machine and your mental state sharp and clear to receive messages from your inner voice.

So did you know that certain foods decrease your intuitive senses and some heighten them?

Foods that enhance your intuition fall under the anit-inflammatory diet. But to be super specific, our pineal gland and stomach loves coconut oil, lemon juice, garlic, cilantro, apple cider vinegar, turmeric, dark leafy greens, chlorophyll, and berries. Cooking real, whole foods is a great grounding exercise as well. If you can even pick your own vegetables and fruits out of a garden… or close enough, a farmers market, you will be off to a great start.

Another thing you can do in the morning as soon as you wake up is drink warm lemon water. This sets your pH balance up for the day, helps with digestion and creates a healthy atmosphere for the entire body. Then at night, take a pre and probiotic with a large glass of water. Not only will you start to feel so incredibly healthy by adding in these actions steps, you will feel a heightened sense of self.

Now on to things to avoid or cut back on- Because they may keep your intuition trapped.

Junk Food. When you eat junk food, too much dairy, or alcohol, you may experience bloating, acid reflux, or abnormal digestion issues. All of these symptoms have a way of masking the gift of internal discernment because that “gut feeling” you look for is clouded by physical pain or a foggy brain. Try cutting back on sugar, simple carbohydrates, soda, alcohol and processed meats. I also want to make clear that your pineal gland does not like fluoride… it calcifies it. Try skipping fluoride filled water and get yourself some fluoride free toothpaste.

While on this journey, it is important to not sabotage yourself by making so many changes all at once. I recommend the stacking system- Meaning choose one meal or snack and transform it into a high vibe plate. Once you have that down for a week or two, stack on another action step. Maybe that is drinking the lemon water each morning when you wake up. Then keep building from there. If we change too much all at once, we tend to fall off the wagon easier. I want this to be beneficial to your health all around and not a frustrating goal!

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