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Controlling Anxiety

Controlling your anxiety is like working a muscle. The first time you try to do it, you feel defeated, overwhelmed, tired and just exhausted. But the more you work your "self soothing" muscle, the better you become at conquering the whole shebang that accompanies that dreaded "A" word: negative thoughts, incredibly fast heart beat, sweaty palms, nauseousness, shortness of breath, locked muscles, etc.

However, let's look at what could possibly be the root of your anxiety. It is all good if you know how to bring yourself down from an anxiety attack, but let's cut out those things that could be causing them all together.

-No doubt there are foods, activities and thoughts we engage in on a daily basis that may potentially feed our anxiety. Check out the chart above. I have worked with many people who have shaved their anxiety filled sleepless nights in (at least) half by cutting out or drastically decreasing coffee, sugar, gluten and dairy in their diet. Try flooding your body with goodness and add in more water, veggies, fruit, protein and healthy fats- especially healthy fats. Healthy fats help reduce the cravings for the foods you are cutting out and will make that transition easier for you. Shameless plug- I offer nutritional guidance if you need help with this area (check out the "Body" tab in the top bar of the website).

-Of course the less negative people you have in your life, the more positive and expansive your thoughts will become. I know it is easier said than done, but you deserve only the highest energy surrounding you. You may notice your communication will increase, comparing yourself to others will decrease, and your expectations of others will be met (or you will release them all together because you will finally be surrounded by like minded individuals).

-Personally, my husband and I stopped watching the news almost all together because we were always sad, worried and affected by all the horrible stories we would see on a daily basis. Those feelings would transfer to unnecessary thoughts and shift our actions from feeling free to fear. It wasn't worth it. Now we educate ourselves with personal development- how we can be the best we can be. We also journal, mediate, workout and focus on what we can control... ourselves.

-Lastly it is important to check out your medications. Are they causing side affects you weren't aware of before? Maybe you can go a more holistic route that does not cause you to stay up at night, or have high blood pressure, etc. Once I changed all of my medications from western to eastern, my whole world changed! Food for thought :)

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