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Upgrade Your Holidays FREE Bonus Guide!

Hiya, my beauts!

I am in a good mood. You know why? Because I have done even MORE research to bring you only the best content, recipes, and goodies for Christmas. Literally anything holiday related gets me so giddy!

I have been on the move baking, shopping, singing, and "sleighing" .... so I wanted to share with you one more guide that can spruce up your home and heart this Christmas. Enjoy!

White Chocolate Cranberry Christmas Baws (balls)

I have been making Baws (acronym of my old workout studio) for almost seven years now! These suckers used to sell like hot cakes! I made them in so many different flavors, but today I thought to share the most Christmas-y version I have. Plus if you follow me on Instagram, you would have noticed I made multiple batches over the weekend. Please go make them... I promise you won't regret it! Plus they are far more better for you than any old sugar cookie!

Makes 12:

1 cup mixed nuts (or any preferred nut)

1 cup pitted fresh dates

1/2 cup white chocolate chips

1/2 cup dried cranberries

1 Tbsp honey

Dash of himalayan sea salt

Combine the nuts and dates into a food processor and grind until the nuts are pebble sized. Add in all other ingredients. Pulse about ten times. Transfer into a bowl and then roll baws (like you would a meatball) into tablespoon size balls. Put on plate and refrigerate until eaten. (Contain yourself though- don't eat them all at once!).

12 Days of Christmas Workout!

In the Upgrade Your Holidays Guide I offer filmed workouts plus written ones. I came across this 12 Days of Christmas at home workout the other day and it reminded me of all the Christmas Eve workouts I have done that are just like this. I am absolutely getting this in with Mike this year- yup, I am springing it on him! Sweat it out with me from your home?!

Gift Guide For The Fitnessista In Your Life

I thought I'd start off with stocking stuffers:

*One year I got my parents these Wrist ID's to wear anytime they went biking. It gave me a piece of mind because sometimes they would go off the beaten trail and get me a little worried! Having these on their wrists made me feel like they were more safe (who is the parent here?!). Perfect for any adventurous athlete in your life.

*Rose Facial Mist Spray is a toner I use every single day and night before I lather jojoba oil on to my face for a little moisturizer. Because I loved it so much, I decided to put a bottle into my sister's stocking last year and now she is hooked. Pick yours up for super cheap at Trader Joe's for only $3.99!

*How can you go wrong with slipping a little sneaker gift certificate into someone's stocking?? ... Especially if they are into fitness... you know we blow through sneakers so quickly, but don't replace them fast enough!

*The Morning Manifestation is a guide I created to help anyone get serious with their goals and manifest the outcome. For only $10 I think this is a great little stocking stuffer for the person striving to hit their goals in 2019!

Moving on to gifts:

*My sister dropped off an essential oil diffuser and an immunity boost oil for me when I wasn't feeling good a couple weeks back. That thing has gone into every room with me since. I am legit hooked.

*Any at home workout equipment is considered a win in my book. The bosu ball is particularly neat as you can use it for core development, balance, strength and cardio! I used to love personal training people on these back in the day.

*Of course you all know I love my Beachbody On Demand subscription. For one whole year and only $99, you have access to basically the Netflix of fitness (over 600 workouts) at your fingertips. You can stream the workouts online wherever you are (at home, on vacation, away for business... you are covered).

*I have found that I absolutely love New Balance's capri workout pants. I have three pairs and asked for three more for Christmas to wear post baby. Santa told me a little secret- I was on the good list! I squealed!

*Ok, so I have to admit... I do not have one of these, but I did borrow my friend's one night to wear out in the freezing cold. Not only are they adorable and super warm, but they support an amazing cause. I say get one for the friend in your life because I know I'd love one haha!

Christmas Tablescape- Decorating on a Dime

One great feature I offer within the Upgrade Your Holidays Guide is something called Decorating on a Dime. That means that you can one hundred percent make your home as festive and cozy as you want spending little to no cash- think of nature! For the past two years, I offered instructions to make a pine filled floating candle and it was actually a big hit within the members. This year I am going to make something a little more subtle, but create a gorgeous tablescape using a couple of these simple floating candle mason jars placed up and down my table. Maybe I will fill in the gaps with long thin white candles in between.

Find a couple mason jars that are either exactly alike or vary in size, add water, your fav herbs on the bottom, cranberries in the middle and a small floating candle to top it off! Place them up and down your table's runner and voila!

That's all for now. I had a wonderful time sharing some more inspo with you all for the holidays. I can not believe the big day will be here in less than two weeks! Get crackin'!

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