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Your Year End Review

Last year I did something so powerful for my personal and business life that I now make all of my accountability clients do this with their own goals and accomplishments.

And because I want you to realize how much of a rockstar you are, I want you to try it too.

A Year End Review.

What it is?

It is taking the time to sit down and reflect on everything you accomplished (big and small) in 2018. You can break down your life into categories if you like (career, finances, relationships, health, etc) or focus your attention on that one big goal you set out for yourself in the beginning of 2018 (maybe paying off debt, losing weight, hiring a new team for work, etc). Either way, start making your list and really be generous- what boxes did you check off, how many times did you set yourself up for success and lean into it, where did you shine?

When I did this last year with my business, I was blown away at all that I set out to do and accomplished. It made me pat myself on the back and appreciate what I have done as a whole rather than focusing in on the day to day little pesky things that never got done or things I felt weren't "enough".

Recently (as in last weekend), my husband and I sat down and did a year end review for our personal finances (how much did we save, how much have we paid on off our mortgage, what healthy financial habits have we adopted, etc), and our personal relationship together (what things have we done to connect with one another, what new hobbies have we started together, how have we supported one another, etc).

By analyzing and focusing on all the good things you have done for yourself, you get a sense of reward and a thrilling zing to want to "get after it" even more in the year to come. I believe that is the absolute perfect time to set your goals for 2019- because you are on such a high.


To be frank, your year end review could have an opposite effect... it could make you realize where you are not adequately performing and you will not stand for it any longer- so it is time to set up some changes and really light a fire under you.

Whichever way this exercise hits you, it is only made to encourage and motivate you to be who you want to be, manifest your destiny... ah, yes.... you get the point!!

While writing your new goals, I want you to keep this in mind... I created a method through a 5 day plan to help you set goals and manifest everything you want. Many people invested in it last year and the testimonials were off the charts! If you want to invest as well (I mean for the best price ever- $10!) , click here.

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