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Success Secret for 2019

As the new year approaches I wanted to share with you one MAJOR secret to success. I have learned this from evaluating and studying what the most achieved population do daily to reach high levels of joy, health, and wealth.

Now, I know you already know this answer because I basically beat this into your ear, but that secret is to fill up your own cup every single day. However, I am going to take that secret one step further and tell you to fill up your cup by creating a consistent routine early in the morning. Usually that comes in the form of exercise, massage, meditation, reading, journaling, stretching.... something that releases stress, raises your energetic vibration, increases your thoughts, connects you to your intuition (the feelings and thoughts you know, but tend to ignore- ignore no more!!), and activates your "go" button to get things done!

Click the link below to read "How Successful People Get Shit Done". It is super inspiring and you will see almost everyone incorporates exercise into their routine first thing.

What I do in the morning tends to ebb and flow with the seasons. Now that winter is here, I turn inward and focus on taking things in. For example, I will wake up thirty minutes early and split my routine into three ten minute segments. I will either ground my thoughts, read, meditate, or spend extra time flooding my body before breakfast with goodness such as fresh juice and vitamins.

In the spring and summer time I tend to go outward and spend time outside watering my gardens, going for a hike, writing, doing yoga, or exercising.

If you find that you wake up at 4:30am to actually get ready for work and could never possibly get up any earlier (I don't blame you), then take one minute to think of what you are grateful for that day as you get ready. Or do three stretches for your back before you get into the shower. Then schedule time for yourself after work or before you go to bed. After work you can workout, meal prep and even meet with like minded people in a connections group. Maybe before bed you can write a to-do list to for the following day. That will ensure you to stay on track with your personal priorities.

Becoming organized and scheduling in exactly what you like to do to fill up your own cup is so important in life. Do not forget about YOU! Prioritize and make your cup a non-negotiable. Your joy will be overflowing.

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