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Let's Get a Little "Woo-Woo" in 2019! (Detox Your Life of Negative Energy)

I thought this Success Secret would be perfect to post in the beginning of the year because it seems as though we are sweeping out the old cobwebs from 2018 and bringing in new energy for '19! Which, I'd like to say Happy New Year to you!

People, places, and thoughts are all made up of energy. There is positive and negative energy everywhere. Why would you want negative energy to encompass your life when you have the ability to shift the atmosphere and make things lighter feeling and happier in your life?

The power lies in your hands. Here are ways you can take a stand to make your life drama free and feeling warm and fuzzy inside.


Some people just have a vibe about them, don’t they? You may feel sucked dry by a coworker; feel judged or weighed down around a friend, or criticized by a family member. It is time to open up the means of communication, my friends. How is the situation going to get better if the other is not aware of how you are feeling? Yes, it is that easy. Have a conversation. You have no idea how many people avoid expressing their feelings in fear of hurting the other person. But friend, you are only hurting yourself and most likely the other is not aware of what you are going through. Create a positive space between you and the other person involved and divulge your thoughts. If you have already talked about this to the other person and nothing has changed, it is time to create distance and re-evaluate your relationship. Healing needs to occur.

On an energetic level, if you are a super sensitive person that can pick up other people’s energy and vibe (and hold on to it- like can't shake it) just by listening to their stories, witnessing their lifestyle, or being around them, than it would be smart to cleanse your energy when you get home daily. Burn a little sage and have the intention of releasing other people’s burdens and negative energy from your personal space. Whenever I do this, I automatically feel better and a little more… cleaner!


Your home environment is the number one place you want to keep positive vibes super high and charged. One of the best ways is to open the windows to let old stale energy out and let fresh crisp air in. Especially if you had someone over and had a controversial discussion with them- clean out the gunk that may have been left behind! You may not even realize it, but doesn't it feel so nice on a sunny crisp day to have a slight breeze blowing through your kitchen? Nature is energetically cleansing your home! Place high vibrational décor around your home such as fresh flowers, crystals, candles and light colors that help lift your mood. Once you are done your weekly deep clean, it is important to follow up with an energy cleanse with a lot of sun shinning through or even think about burning some palo santo. Palo santo is enjoyed by many for its energetically cleansing and healing properties. It is a strong medicine that has been popularized for its pure presence in keeping energy clear. It is also used to relieve symptoms of the flu, asthma, headaches, inflammation and emotional pain (perfect for the winter!). Take a little piece of that wood and burn it for a minute or two- or get the essential oil!


I am sure you have heard me say that your thoughts create your reality. If you almost always have negative thoughts then most likely you are attracting crummy situations into your life. Start to become aware of how you talk to yourself. Are you saying negative things to yourself and about yourself? Are you always complaining to other people? Once you notice the amount of times you are trash talking or thinking, you can start to flip flop the tone. That positive thinking will start to grow and will affect yourself and others in the best way possible. Start small, stay consistent and radical shifts will occur.

Cheers to lighter and more fulfilling energy in 2019!

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