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Some Of My Favorite (Pregnancy) Things

I personally did not need much to get me through my first 16-ish weeks of my pregnancy besides food, ginger chews and water! I am thinking many can relate. Once that changing body truly hits though... I was on the hunt for things that made my life easier and more comfortable. One person that helped me out greatly was my best friend in Washington who just had her baby. I heard a knock on my doorstep one day and a 20lb box of all her favs were in there- new and lovingly used! I have to say, she had some great taste because I am recycling some of her suggestions to you!

1. This belly rub concoction:

Or really I should say "whole body concoction" because I slather my chest, belly, lower back, inner thighs and upper arms with this mix twice a day. Basically anywhere I felt like I was expanding ;)

Rose Facial Mist from Trader Joe's

Belli Elasticity Oil

Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula

If I didn't just get out of the shower and I wanted to slather myself up before bed or in the morning, I would spray the facial mist on my dry body first to get some moisture for the mixture to hold on to and slide better. Then I would put two pumps of the oil in my palm and two pumps of the cocoa butter, mix together and go to town on my midsection first. Then I would move on to my other body parts. I loved the way it applied, smelled and felt. Also I swear I was getting a red stretch mark near my belly button and this little recipe completely made it fade!

2. H&M Mama Skinny Jeans

I tried Gap, target, and Motherhood Maternity pregnancy jeans and they all fit great for the first 20 minutes. By the end of the first hour, I looked like I was wearing a potato sack and constantly pulling up the sides. It was so frustrating! The only jeans that stayed put and felt really good were the hand me down pregnancy H&M jeans I received in that box of love. There were many pairs in there and they saved me on multiple occasions!

3. Motherhood Maternity Seamless Clip Down Nursing Bra

Again I have tried many nursing bras and this one, while I thought I wouldn't like it at first (because it looked similar to a sports bra and I don't want to wear that on the daily), is my absolute favorite. Turns out it was my friend's as well because in my box I also got two of the same ones! They fit so nicely, are soft and have been my go-to.

4. Victoria Secret Pink No-Show Hipster Seamless Panties

I discovered my love for these around month five or six when my body started to grow in all the areas. I didn't want to wear cute little fashionable panties anymore- I wanted functional and comfortable. Also, I wear a lot of yoga pants and these paired perfectly with them because they are seamless. I love them so much, my hubby surprised me with eight more pairs (ps- I didn't realize how many pairs of underwear you go through throughout the day while pregnant!).

5. Channel Mum on Youtube

This English YouTube channel has been such a highlight for Mike and I throughout our pregnancy. Every Sunday when my week changes in number, we snuggle up together and watch this ten minute video. The host talks about what the baby is going through, what changes you are expected to experience, how other moms are feeling, and... the good, the bad, and the ugly of pregnancy. The music, their accents and the soft vibe just makes me feel warm and cozy inside. I am surprised that my husband looks forward to it just as much as myself :)

6. Big A$$ Mason Jar

Oh a 24oz mason jar was connected to my person all day every day. I would drink about 96oz of water per day and this was the perfect size to guzzle down what my body asked for. People made fun of me and my "moonshine" jar, but my dry parrot tongue paid no attention!

7. Maternity Overbelly Panel Leggings by Isabel Maternity in black

I bought a couple pairs of these from Target and wear them while working out, lounging around or to dress up a cute outfit. Obviously I have designated pairs for each, but I use them so much so I asked Mike if he was sick of seeing me in leggings. The comfort factor is just so important to me while feeling so uncomfortable!

There you have it! Feel free to share your favs in the comments below. xo

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