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Mason Jar Surprise!

In no way can I take credit for this idea- I actually saw it on Facebook (gosh, where else?!) and I absolutely thought it was lovely- especially because Valentine's Day is this week!

If you have a hard time giving back to yourself, feeling put together, ticking things off your random to-do list, or just enjoying the little things in life, I highly suggest you take this idea and run with it!

Count how many weeks there are left in the year. Cut up that many pieces of paper and write one task on each piece of paper that will make you feel better about yourself or your life. Place them into the mason jar and then on the same day of every week, reach your hand in and randomly pick a piece of paper. Do whatever it says! Here are some examples:

-Take a long bath with candles

-Clean out your car

-Take yourself to the movies

-Go on a long hike

-Drink a glass of wine and curl up with a good book

-Wear a new Pinterest outfit

-Clean out the junk drawer

-Buy new underwear/bras/socks for yourself

-Treat yourself to your most favorite dessert

-Simplify your closets and donate your clothes

-Volunteer at an SPCA

-Buy a new perfume

I think this is extremely fun because you are promising to take some time every week for you no matter what- and each piece of paper holds a little surprise as to what fun you will be up to that week (or cleaning, organizing, etc). None the less- whether it is something super exciting or more of a chore you will feel so much better about yourself and accomplished! You deserve to be paid attention to!

Ps- You can also do this with family time, with your husband to reconnect, or as a way to bring your fellow employees together in the office (think of bonding or strategy building exercises).

Happy Valentine's Day xo

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