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"Release, Not Reverse"

Here are four simple secrets that may help you take a giant leap forward in your life by simplifying, releasing, focusing and igniting.

-Stop focusing on the things that aren't working.

Many times I will beat my head against the wall when I am trying to reach a goal (or anything in life really- relationships, work, etc) and it is not working. I focus on it so hard because I just don't understand why I am not producing and it get's under my skin. But what does that do? Nothing but make me a basket case and I tend to hit the reverse button and drive myself off a cliff! My motto this year is "Release, Not Reverse" ... and move on. Maybe that route you have been demanding yourself to stay on is not for you and things aren't happening for a reason. Buy a clue and release your grip. Your breath of fresh air awaits you.

-Focus on 20% of the work that brings you 80% of the results.

Many times in life (in any category), we waste a lot of time overcommitting to things, spreading ourselves too thin and focusing on the wrong aspects of the specific thing we are committed to. This produces a lot of waste. Wasted time, wasteful thoughts, worrying, etc. Most likely there are one or two golden nuggets that provide a lot of movement and production in your life- find them and proceed forward with laser focus. You may not think you are doing enough, but honestly... you are FINALLY doing the right thing. Focus on what feels right and is working for you. Scratch the rest. A whole world of new opportunities may open up to you when you finally have time to notice them as well.

-Ignite your passion. Passion fuels commitment. Commitment fuels motivation.

Only do what brings you joy. If you are trying to reach success in an area, but are not enjoying it, the commitment to continue on will never be there- and motivation is just plain old lost.

-Stop comparing your weaknesses with other's strengths.

"Comparison is the thief of joy." - Theodore Roosevelt

If we all had the same strengths, we would be living in a boring world, now wouldn't we? There is a reason we are all different... to learn and grow from one another. Embrace what others can do really well, cheer them on and enjoy their talent. Maybe ask them a few curious questions. Learning is half the fun. BUT, do not compare them to you. You have a whole universe inside of you that is perfectly strong, smart and achieved. Tap into that and utilize it well. Looking for gifts outside of yourself is half of the reason why we don't believe we are worthy. Because we aren't willing to utilize what we have and fine tune it. The difference between you and the friend that has a lot of strength and success is passion, commitment and motivation.

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