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Purge Your Security Blanket

We are Spring Cleaning our bodies and minds in our current accountability group- specifically purging our security blankets.

What do I mean by that?

Well, a security blanket is something you think, a habit you have, or an action you partake in that keeps you "safe"... stuck, unmotivated.

For example, my security blanket is chocolate. I am a self proclaimed chocaholic. I buy bite sized chocolate candy and keep them in dishes around my house. A couple times per day, I will walk by and pick one up. After lunch, before I walk out the door, while I am cooking dinner, etc. Now, I am all about treating yourself, but this chocolate is, more times than not, eaten on top of my little treat for the day. That is not the healthiest in my opinion.

Why is this keeping me "stuck"? Well because it is more than just a pattern I created for myself. I specifically eat it when my energy is low, when I have a negative thought, when I am bored, because I programmed my body and mind to ask for sugar every couple hours, etc. Each time I eat a piece of chocolate, I feel warm and fuzzy, and for that moment, I am happy. However, I am using chocolate to be my bandaid, fill voids, and to cover up my true feelings. For example, I know that when you eat sugar, your body releases a feel good endorphin called serotonin. This makes your mood more positive. I do not need external forces (yes chocolate is a force to me!) to make me have happy thoughts. I can produce them myself. And to be honest, the amount of chocolate I consume is most likely keeping me from getting to the next level with my physical goals (plus let's be real.... that amount of sugar daily is {overtime} a detriment to my health).

So what am I going to do?

Keep the chocolate in my house because people love my little chocolate bowls, but create a muscle for my own. The more I am able to look at it and say no, the more my willpower and determination will grow. It will become easier overtime and eventually I will be able to walk past it without noticing. During the times it gets tough I will take a deep breath and remind myself of my goals, distract myself or if it gets really hard... I can eat a slice of fruit, pop in an olive, or chug water.

It feels incredibly good to finally confront my security blanket and take control over something I thought was keeping me stuck. Which being "stuck" is an illusion. I was allowing it to hold me back from bettering myself just because I knew the transition would be hard.

What is your security blanket??? Are you ready to purge it this spring?!

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