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Acts of Faith

My sister took me to see Iyanla Vanzant, a spiritual life coach, last Thursday night at the Merriam Theater in Philadelphia. We walked away with some amazing golden nuggets about Faith. This girls night out will sit with me in my mind, heart and gut for life. I had tears rolling down my face within the first five minutes of the lights dimming, chills up and down my spine from the emotion Iyanla revealed through her authenticity, and the "aha" moments I received had my hand cramping from furiously taking notes... And to witness this all with my best friend? Priceless. Let me share some of the wisdom that we were graced with that night.


Fearlessly Allowing It To Happen.

"It" can be many things. Think about all that you want to manifest, surrender to, or experience in your life. Think about why "it" hasn't happened yet. Is it because you are giving a part time devotion to what you want as a full time blessing? Our part-time-devotion is not-full-time-manifesting because we are letting one (or more) of the five faith killers to smother our magic- fear, impatience, worry, competition, and/or comparison. We are also feeding the wrong kind of faith, negativity, into too many people, situations and thoughts in our lives. We listen to gossip and focus on what she did wrong or what he said about what, we put faith into how nasty a situation is, and focus too much on what we didn't get done for the day. We believe the worst about ourselves and our lives before we believe in the best! Negative faith is fueling the planet and taking away the heart beat of what can be. Faith is the external demonstration of the trust that is going on within.

Create a full time devotion to what you want as a full time blessing. Shed the layers (people, situations, thoughts) that aren't working with you and for you. Create magnetic thoughts that pull what you want to you. Act on those those, put energy into what you want, and do not look back. Change, constantly grow, and always connect with how you feel. When something feels right, go after it with all you've got and if you don't get something right away... remember, a delay is not a denial. Faith is an inner knowing about unseen things that creates your soul to go where your eyes can not see.

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