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Are You A Swamp or River?

The teachings of Acts Of Faith continues by Iyanla Vanzant.

Are you living in a swamp or a river when it comes to your thoughts and energetic field?

A swamp is thick, murky, stinky, deep, collects things, and never releases a single thing. Is that your mind and energy? Do you collect and hold on to things other people say or have done to you? Do you replay situations over and over in your mind without resolving them? Have you beaten yourself up over a moment in your life where you disappointed yourself? Do you keep doing the same thing over and over again while expecting different results?

It sounds like, you my friend, are living in a swamp.

It is time to break out your shovel and dig deep- create channels for that murky water to flush itself out and allow fresh water to flow right on through you. Your energy should be forever evolving- releasing memories, thoughts, people, situations, feelings, and emotions that keep pulling you down. And then fill your river with nurturing knowledge, friendships, and love that are forever expanding and growing to the next level. Level up!

Forgive yourself for self sabotaging your goals, forgive yourself for allowing other's to steal your happiness, forgive yourself for not knowing how to level up, and forgive yourself for living in a swamp. Everything we do in life is based off of reaction. Everyone needs to to assume responsibility in our own healing, reactions, and how we want to evolve. We have all the answers and it starts with turning the swamp we created into a river.

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