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Life With A 5 Month Old

Ok, so I am becoming obsessed with my baby. Not that I didn't love him before, I just didn't love the newborn stage for him, Mike or myself really. I am sure you have heard me say this before, but the first couple weeks were just hard for us all- Wesley barely slept night or day, was in pain most of the time and cried a lot. That time in my life taught me patience, how to nurture more than I ever have, how to survive (basically off little to no sleep) and endurance. I am grateful for that time because I did transform and learned a lot about myself, but boy am I glad to welcome month 5!

Wesley is a feisty little boy that knows what he wants and will not stop until he gets it! He is currently talking gibberish, starting to crawl, giving his mama a hard time while trying to change him (can't keep him still!), and loving food (oatmeal, sweet potatoes, strawberries, blueberries, banana, carrots and apple). The smile he flashes when he wakes up from sleeping just melts my heart. While he has a bunch of toys to play with, he really enjoys playing with the tags on blankets and plastic measuring spoons. Yup, I am face slapping myself here :) The little snail butt position he gets in to while sleeping is slowly starting to leave (I think- unless it's just a phase) which makes me sad. He prefers laying on his side now or in the frog position. Wow, I really am obsessed as I am catching myself telling you guys how he sleeps! Oye.

Our days seem to be generally the same- We fit in bottle time, food time, naps, reading and floor time. For me to get things done, I put him in his activity centers or I do computer work when he naps. I wear him often in the babybjorn when I clean as he really enjoys walking around with me and seeing life from my perspective. Plus he is in a phase where the simplest things are really cool to him- like folding laundry... don't you wish that would be the same for us?! I try to have something social scheduled at least once during the work week where we can get out and meet other people- whether that is a lunch date, a pennypack walk or shopping. Running errands with him has become easier (I used to get anxiety about it) and the grocery store clerks just love a little Wesley visit. I bring him to work with me some mornings and then when Mike gets home, I pass him off and go to work for a couple hours at night. I am really enjoying the time to myself (even when it is work!) during the evening hours. When it comes to working out, I either push him in the stroller, workout along side of him in the living room or get a quick treadmill session in while he naps. My workouts are generally 30 minutes long as that is what proves to be realistic with his attention span... and what my body can handle still- it really does take a while to heal (but boy is the body amazing).

I have noticed that I want to be more, do more, and experience more with myself since having him. My creativity has soared and I am feeling like I want to get my hands on helping people in different ways. I think I needed a distraction from work for a little bit to let everything settle and rest after giving birth. Sometimes when your gears are working too much, you tend to lose sight of other things. So having him has made me put down my computer, not schedule as many appointments and just be- play, laugh, enjoy and surrender. It has been really good for my soul. Now I am feeling a large flow come in and I'm ready to ride the wave for my business again- and it feels so good.

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