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Battery Operated Life

You are the battery operator of your life. You literally have to recharge yourself every day, or who am I kidding, every couple of hours in order to stay balanced. What do I mean by balanced? Well, sane- Level headed, feeling fresh and energized, in tune with your intuition and happy.

Here are simple things you can do all throughout your day to help recharge your battery energetically.

-Wake up 5 minutes early to set an intention for the day and stretch.

-Before you go in to work set a gratitude alarm for a random time to go off during your day. You never know when you will need to pause, take a breath, and think about what you are grateful for in that moment. It may catch you during a very challenging time and even in that moment you can find something to highlight with positivity.

-Meal prep high vibe foods. You are what you eat, my friend! The higher in nutritional value your foods are, the higher your energy will be. That includes drinking a lot of water.

-Schedule time in to your day to meet or chat with a friend that makes you laugh, motives you and inspires you to live your life to the fullest.

-Make time to get out in to nature. Go for a walk, run, journal in your backyard or eat your dinner on your back patio. Nature is so healing and uplifting.

-Before bed, do a 5 minute meditation to release anything that did not serve you that day and take a nice long cleansing breath at the end.

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